Every successful venture needs to grow, strengthen and defend its business

That's why our services deliver against these fundamental needs.

At ECapital Strategos, We Pursue Our Agenda Relentlessly.


The availability of a range of capital solutions that maximise on short term opportunities while meeting long term objectives supports our Clients’ high-growth business expansions.


Value creation is our raison d'être. All our efforts culminate in the maximising of value of our Clients’ organisations or portfolios.


The imbedding of sustainable principles at strategic and operation levels of our Clients’ organisations is critical to their long term growth and value.

Global Expertise, Local Knowledge

Representative Mandate

A Dynamic Capital Strategies firm, mandated to set a new record of creativity in the Financial Sector bringing outrageous ideas, exploring new frontiers, where risk is an essential element to achieving real progress and growth.

Transaction Advisory

During every transaction, the aim is to minimise risk while maximising rewards. In complex deals, including those capital related, great awareness is required before, during and after transactions.

Our integrated team of experts help Clients make informed strategic and operational decisions through the whole process.

Capital Strategies

With a business to manage, companies often times find themselves unable to spare valuable management resource into identifying and analysing potential growth opportunities, be it a merger, an acquisition or a restructuring opportunity.

Our team helps Clients identify such opportunities, conduct detailed assessments and prepare a tailored approach for the latter to create value from these opportunity.

Private Equity

We work with private equity and strategic buyers who are looking to invest in innovative companies that already have a significant market share in their marketplace. Working with both kinds of equity buyers provides our target companies with more capital structure options and better pricing resulting from competitive bidding.

Our team aids Clients through deal origination, transaction execution and portfolio oversight.

Private Clients

Private clients have widely differing needs and aspirations. Hence, fulfilling their investment objectives requires dedicated advisors who are not only technically competent but are also able to appreciate the Clients’ circumstances.

Our team members build relationships aimed at understanding the unique circumstances of each and every Client before tailoring customised investment solutions.

Speciality Services

Often Clients require specialised services such as socioeconomic development, financial modelling, capital valuation, research, due diligence and others to support their capital plans. We are able to provide subject-matter expertise in these areas through the support of our associate organisations.

We are able to provide subject-matter expertise in these areas through the support of our associate organisations.