ECapital Strategos collaborates with specialised consulting groups that are able to offer deep industry and business insights to our Clients.

The experts from these organisations bring greater breadth, depth, and scale to the services we provide.

Corporate & Capital Advisory

Dispute Resolution

Legal...our experts can implement strategies for Clients to resolve disputes by means of consensual processes such as mediation, conciliation or negotiation.
Crisis Management... we enlist the services of industry-sector knowledge experts to support our team in helping Clients work their way through crisis situations.

Strategic Corporate Advisory

Corporate & Business Strategy… our advisory team helps Clients transform themselves to better adapt to the dynamic and competitive business environment.
Innovation & Growth… we help Clients drive growth through innovation by creating and optimising winning products and services.
Profit Improvement… we support our Clients’ efforts to identify drivers that will reduce costs while increasing revenue.

Private Equity Advisory

Property Advisory

Company Restructuring

Partially Completed Development… our team assists Clients in restructuring and realising good value from partially complete projects, including those that are potentially unfeasible or are suffering from poor pre-sales.

Asset Securitisation

Property Rationalisation… we provide property portfolio rationalisation solutions aimed at optimising the Clients’ financial positions.

Joint Ventures

our team facilitates the negotiation and syndication of joint development projects among like-minded Clients with the aim of maximising the project value.

Project Management

Consultancy… our project management team works with Clients to ensure the delivery of high quality projects to meet Clients’ time and budgetary expectations.


Our research team conducts studies for Clients on both the macroeconomic and property market environments to crucially reduce the downside risks during development.