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We are an independent and unique strategic capital advisory company backed by world class expertise offering innovative capital solutions to meet our Clients’ objectives.

By working akin to a multi-boutique advisory with specialised associate companies who share our investment philosophy, we are structurally less rigidly and relate more personally with our Clients and partners.

Our model helps Clients across continents, who are facing a highly competitive and fast evolving marketplace, meet their differing capital objectives in a more timely and effectively manner.



Transaction & Capital Strategies with a Boutique Philosophy

We work towards generating alpha (excess returns) instead of expanding assets for our Clients.

We deliver fact based customised solutions to our clients

Solutions based on Client’s desired rate of return and aversion towards risk, length of investment, tax exposure and macroeconomic conditions.

We are independent of financial institutions

Client-centric focus instead of being product-centric.



We only propose solutions that suit your needs

We are an independent advisory, and therefore are not commited to promote any particular solution or product. This allows us to tailor only solutions that a suitable for addressing your specific objectives and circumstances.

We have access to a wide array of subject-matter experts

Being boutique, we do not carry a large headcount… only the optimal number of amazing people. When specialised skill sets are needed, we work with our associates and other partners to access the correct international expertise to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

We produce results

Having exceptional people who are supported by the correct infrastructure, and driven by commitment to Clients produces results. Our experts and resources provide the necessary insights and delivery system for implementing innovative solutions to help Clients achieve their objectives.


E Capital Strategos has developed a powerful and collaborative network of alliances & partners,
based on our strong local and global presence.

Our ability to forge a number of strategic partnerships and alliances with leading financiers which give us a unique advantage in crafting cutting edge solutions to meet customer requirements with innovative and breakthrough results.

Much of the work we do for customers puts us in a position of privilege, giving us access to the most sensitive financial, proprietary and operational data. We have worked hard to earn their trust and we know that our partners can be relied upon in the same way, as they share our same vision and approach.

Our strategy is focused on working with partners to deliver the most effective and appropriate service to our clients. We understand that our clients want and need to work with the ‘best of breed' for their particular business situations.